Quick Contest Update

The Night Ones Legacy book cover--Ruby Rift is the most most recent draft of a possible sequel.

The Night Ones Legacy book cover. I’ve had some very interesting feedback about this. What’s your opinion?

Just a quick update on the Amazon Gift Card contest:

  • There are just about two weeks left during which I can receive entries for the drawing. Entries are trickling in slowly, and the feedback I’m receiving is excellent. Thanks to everyone who has entered so far!
  • To make things more interesting, I’ve decided to add a few ‘surprise prizes.’ These will be announced on March 1, along with the winning entry from the drawing. Here’s a clue to one of the prizes: Let me know what you think about the book cover. I’m keeping the other surprise prizes a secret until the contest is over. That’s hard for me because I’m really excited about this!
  • I’m beginning to see some marketing gaps, which leads me to believe that contests are great ways to test the water if you’re thinking about selling books. Just a thought. I’ll probably write an entire post about what I’ve learned about marketing because of this contest, but not until it’s over.
  • I still have a few free Kindle versions of the book to give away. If you know anyone who’s interested in reading, reviewing and entering this contest, please have them e-mail me at gwenbristol@gmail.com so I can get a book to them in good time.

Happy reading, happy reviewing, happy writing and best wishes to all who enter this contest!

If you’ve already read The Night Ones Legacy, don’t forget to e-mail me with your response!



3 Responses to “Quick Contest Update”

  1. Good luck. I tried to get as many people I know with Kindles to read and review your book, so I hope it helped. I’m really looking forward to the marketing post too.



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