Gateways: a fun escape

I won a copy of Jessica Schaub's Gateways!

I finally had a few moments to finish reading Gateways, by Jessica Schaub.

One of the things I liked best about Gateways was the detailed description. It was easy to get a feel for the varied surroundings because they were so well laid out, and there were many different settings to explore this way.

Beyond that, I was pleasantly surprised by sentences that made me curious and then rewarded me with more information further in the book. I felt like I was continually learning something about this world. Completely enjoyable.

While I hope the following doesn’t give away too much, here are some of my favorite ideas from the book:

  • From page 52:

“No,” Worthmere said. “I have never understood the idea of magic. No one can make something happen without a divine force already present. Mages are able to communicate on a higher level with natural elements around them.”

  • Page 55: the idea of terraces is explained–they are other levels of the original world. I was struck with this idea earlier in the book and was curious about it. Reading about it here felt like finding a gem hidden in the back of a closet. It was rewarding–and I felt rewarded again on page 77, when I learned even more about terraces.
  • The entire dream scene, around page 99, intrigued me–especially when the main character received the locket. Again, all of this was a complete surprise to me, which made it fun to read.
  • Page 134-ish: the Dream Walker.
  • From page 144:

Anna stopped walking and turned to face Victoria. Her face was shadowed with…fear? Doubt? Whatever was troubling Anna, Victoria felt it too. “I don’t know. But whatever we are dealing with, Victoria, you need to keep the Creator first and foremost in your mind. In your heart. Protect your soul from the influences of those who would use evil.”

  • The battle scenes around page 197
  • From page 216:

Victoria grabbed Bobby’s arms, understanding the depth of the situation. “They destroyed the painting.”

Bobby nodded.

“How do we get back home?” Tucker asked.

“I don’t know,” Bobby said. “But I want to know who wants to keep us here.”

  • Page 247-ish: more dream walking
  • Page 298–when Victoria breaks down the wall that keeps her from her soul garden
  • From page 315:

“To believe in the Grandfather’s Weapon is like believing everything you read: King Arthur, The Odeyssey. They are stories with thin lines of truth, we just don’t know which lines to believe.”

I like the different characters and how they interact with each other. I love the way the tension builds-just when you think there might be a break, something else bad happens, all the way through to the end.

Very well done.


5 Responses to “Gateways: a fun escape”

  1. Sounds very interesting. Your post actually made me more curious about the book.


  2. Thank you for this fantastic review! I love the format the the quotes you pulled – great idea! I’m almost finished with The Night Ones – loving it! It’s on our iPad, so it’s tricky to read because kids and husband use it for school/work – but I’m claiming it tomorrow and hope to finish it 🙂



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